Albanian police

Albania, Kosovo Keep ISIS Suspects Behind Bars

The Court of Serious Crimes in Tirana on Monday decided to keep in jail four Albanians suspected of terrorism, who have refused to be represented by lawyers.

It came after Albanian police on Saturday announced the results of a regional anti-terrorist police operation conducted in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, and said investigations are still continuing.

Migrants stopped on Albania border

Albanian police have stopped 27 people from Syria, Iraq and Sudan trying to cross the country toward Western Europe.

A statement Wednesday said police arrested three Albanians who were paid 600-1,200 euros ($675-1,350) per migrant, promising to take them to European Union countries. They face up to 10 years in jail if convicted.

Albania Villagers Fear Lazarat Movie Will Stereotype Them

Villagers in Lazarat in southern Albania fear they are going to be prejudged and stereotyped in a new movie by the Canadian movie company Mercury Films, which is due for release in June 2017.

The small village gained worldwide notoriety for the large-scale of production of cannabis for almost a decade, during which time it was virtually off-limits to Albanian police.