Albania's parliament

Albanian Greens Press Parliament on Waste Imports

Environmentalist protesters rallied at dawn on Thursday in front of Albania's parliament to urge ruling party MPs not to push for another vote on a controversial law on waste imports.

Greens fear the MPs intend to adopt the law once again after President Bujar Nishani in mid-October refused to authorize it.

Albania Opposition to Boycott Parliament Over 'Criminal' MPs

Albania's parliament is again in deadlock over judicial reforms because of an angry dispute between the parties over ridding parliament of people with criminal records.

Opposition MPs tried to stop the parliamentary session on Thursday by throwing eggs towards Prime Minister and Socialist Party leader Edi Rama.

Albania Parties Split Over New FBI-Style Agency

Albania's parliament was split on Thursday over the planned formation of a new body to fight corruption, modelled on the FBI, called the National Bureau of Investigation, BKH.

The new structure will be considered part of the police although it will closely collaborate with the General Prosecutor's office as well.

Albania Parliament Bans Criminals From Politics

Albania's parliament on Thursday passed a much awaited law banning convicted criminals from public office with strong cross-party sppport.

The law bans people convicted of serious offences, such as murder and rape, from appointment or election to state office.

Hours of debates in the plenary session ended in a compromise that changed the constitution.

Albania to Probe 'Political' Public Sector Recruitment

Albania's parliament has set up an investigative commission to check how the hiring process in the public administration has been conducted during the last two years.

The commission was sought by the main opposition party Democratic Party, which has accused the government of hiring unqualified people based on political ties - while firing professionals.

Albania MPs Back Controversial Education Law

Albania's parliament adopted controversial government-sponsored higher educational reforms at 2.30am on Wednesday after nine hours of debate. The law was approved by 78 votes out of 140.

Outside parliament, protesters, professors and civil rights activists protested against the law that they call an attack on public universities.