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Hollywood actors ratify contract to formally end strike

Hollywood actors overwhelmingly ratified a new, hard-fought deal with studios on Dec. 5 that paves the way for a rebound of an entertainment industry that had seen film and television production come to a halt during a months-long strike.

The Screen Actors Guild, known as SAG-AFTRA, said 78 percent of members who voted approved the multiyear contract.

Greece has declared 12 Russian diplomats Persona Non Grata

Greece has declared 12 Russian diplomats persona non grata. The European Union will also sanction the import of Russian oil, the President of the European Commission told the European Parliament.

Ursula von der Leyen presented the restrictions announced on Tuesday, including a ban on buying Russian coal.

Croatian Anti-Fascists Criticise Memorial Graveyard for Nazi-Allied Troops

The Croatian parliamentary committee for war veterans' affairs endorsed a proposal on Tuesday to establish a military graveyard in the central Mirogoj cemetery in Zagreb for soldiers who fought for the 1941-45 Independent State of Croatia, NDH, a Nazi-backed puppet state.

AUR asks gov't to give up online school and not to put pressure on pupils, teachers to vaccinate

The Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) calls on the government to eliminate the provision that makes it possible to switch to online school from a cumulative incidence of COVID cases greater than 6/1,000 and "not to put pressure on students and teachers to get vaccinated." "After the bad experience of the previous school year, we believe that closing schools is an excessive measure consi

Chronic Patients of Romania Alliance: Political factor endangering lives of patients

The Alliance of Chronic Patients of Romania (APCR) states that the current political crisis "deepens" the situation in healthcare and the chronic patient of Romania remains without treatment, and those most affected are cancer patients and HIV/AIDS patients.