American Chamber of Commerce

Herro Mustafa: Bulgarian Medical Professionals and Community Volunteers have Shown Remarkable Strength

"United against COVID-19" will support projects that assist vulnerable groups affected by the crisis, including medical staff, people with disabilities, the elderly, children, minorities, the homeless, the unemployed, single parents and others, the US Embassy in Bulgaria reported.

Seven Out of Ten ASEAN Countries' Leaders Didn't Attend the Summit

Trump did not attend the ASEAN leaders' summit and the East Asian Summit in Thailand's capital on November 2-4 and did not send either the Vice President or the US Secretary of State to Bangkok. Robert O 'Brian, US National Security Advisor, arrived in Bangkok as chairman of the Washington delegation.

BNR: U.S. Business Is Ready to Work for Bulgarian Energy Independence

At a traditional annual government-to-business meeting organized by the American Chamber of Commerce, its head Olivier Marquette identified the key sectors for US-Bulgaria cooperation: digital technology and artificial intelligence, cybersecurity. He recalled Westinghouse's readiness to participate more actively in the nuclear energy sector.

Borissov: Bulgaria Supports Northern Macedonia for EU, NATO Membership

Bulgaria supports Northern Macedonia for its EU and NATO membership. Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said at a traditional business breakfast with the American Chamber of Commerce. Borissov also said that US companies, including Belene NPP, are participating in the country's gas projects.

Erdoğan in US urges for more investments in Turkey

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan encouraged approximately 40 international investors he met during his visit to the U.S. on May 15 and 16 to intensify investments in Turkey, a written statement from the meeting's coordinator, the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT), said on May 17.      

US to Expand Military Presence in Bulgaria, Ambassador Says

US Ambassador to Bulgaria Eric Seth Rubin has said his country deploy an additional number of troops and provide more trainings next year.

Answering to questions during his meeting with members of the American Chamber of Commerce, he has added the move will be part of an overall boost in capabilities deployed to the Black Sea region.

Montenegro Work Permit Limit Worries Foreign Firms

Representatives of the tourism industry and foreign investors are worried that the new law that limits work permits for foreigners will cause serious problems for their businesses and for the coming tourist season.

They say that imposing limits on the free movement of labour will negatively affect the already problematic economy in the country.

Bulgarian PM Comment on Russian-backed Energy Projects Draws Reproach from Moscow

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov must feel ashamed before voters of his statement that Russian energy projects in his country have been stopped in favour of partnership relations with the United States, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday.