Explosion and fire in the center of Athens, there are injured PHOTO / VIDEO

One person suffered burns and was taken to hospital, the head of the Greek National Emergency Center, George Mathiopoulos, told "Sky TV", Reuters reports.
Firefighters immediately began searching for people who could be trapped inside the damaged buildings, and as soon as it dawned, they forcibly entered the damaged stores to free several people trapped inside.

The EU is not joking, sharp penalty applied: One million euros a day

The decision was made because it did not suspend the disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court.
The decision of the European Court of Justice followed after the European Commission requested "financial penalties" in order to ensure respect for the verdict from July, reports the AP agency.

EU: We will never accept it

This was stated today by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.
The President of the EC, who is visiting Cyprus, stated that the European Union is unanimous on the issue of that conflict, which has lasted for decades and represents a key obstacle in Turkey's ambitions to join the European bloc, reports the AP agency.

Why WHO will never reveal the origin of the virus? We need a team as for Chernobyl

Namely, numerous experts, many of whom are connected with the World Health Organization, believe that political tensions between the United States and China make that investigation impossible and that the answers they might come to would not be credible.

Macron acknowledged: France is responsible for the genocide VIDEO

"France did not listen to those who warned it of the impending massacre in Rwanda and de facto sided with the 'genocidal regime,'" Macron said during a speech on the genocide at the Gisozi Memorial Center in Kigali, where more than 250.000 Tutsi people were buried, Reuters reports.
But France, as Macron stated, "was not an accomplice" in the genocide.

International media: Former KLA fighters pushed down, new leaders face two challenges

The New York Times states that, ever since Kosovo ended its war with Serbia two decades ago, its dominant political figures have all been men who rose to prominence as fighters and held onto power despite failing to secure the lasting peace and preceding over a floundering economy, as Radio Free Europe reports.