International media: Former KLA fighters pushed down, new leaders face two challenges

The New York Times states that, ever since Kosovo ended its war with Serbia two decades ago, its dominant political figures have all been men who rose to prominence as fighters and held onto power despite failing to secure the lasting peace and preceding over a floundering economy, as Radio Free Europe reports.

Why did Juncker travel to Balkans, wonders Moscow daily

Beta agency is reporting this on Monday, citing Moscow-based Kommersant daily.

According to this, the paper also pointed out that in this strategy, "it is clearly indicated that Europe is not interested in strengthening the role of the United States in the region - because in that case, the strengthening of Russia's influence would follow."

25 killed in blast in Egypt Church (photos-video)

A bomb blast has killed at least 25 people during Sunday mass inside a Cairo church near the main Coptic Christian cathedral, according to Egyptian state TV .
The explosion ripped through St Peter’s Church at around 10:00am local time, wounding at least another 35 people, according to Egyptian security officials.

EU plans to declare Balkan migrant route "closed" - reports

EU leaders will be meeting in Brussels today to try to "seal the Balkan migrant route" and increase aid to Greece.

They will also "try to persuade the Turkish prime minister" to slow the influx of refugees and to accept thousands of those who do not qualify for asylum, AP news agency reported, citing a draft statement to which it has had access.

Prosecutor talks about "stirring up hornet's nest"

Prosecutor talks about "stirring up hornet's nest"

BELGRADE -- Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic has said that his office faces "an orchestrated campaign by war criminals and nationalists."

He told the AP agency that this includes "accusations of spying for the U.S. leveled also by some officials."