Athens court

Ex-finance minister faces new charges

A corruption prosecutor on Thursday lodged charges of making a false statement against former socialist finance minister Yiannos Papantoniou and his wife Stavroula Kourakou, and also charged two officials at a tax office in Kifissia, northern Athens, for issuing them with a declaration allowing them to sell a property on the island of Syros without settling their existing tax debts.

Ex-finance minister and wife get fresh four-year jail sentences

An Athens court on Wednesday imposed four-year jail sentences on former socialist finance minister Yiannos Papantoniou and his wife Stavroula Kourakou after finding them guilty of submitting inaccurate declaration of wealth statements ("pothen esches") in 2010, notably by failing to include a reference to 1.3 million euros in savings in a Swiss bank account in Kourakou's name.

'Elevator dragon' gets life for 1997 Lycabettus murder

An Athens court has convicted the so-called "Elevator Dragon" to life in prison for the murder in 1997 of 21-year-old Nikitas Koronios in front of his girlfriend in the Lycabettus area in central Athens.

"The accused is definitely the culprit and he could have been candid about it to the court and the for the sake of his victim's memory," the prosecutor said.

Court urged to reject appeal for ex-justice minister

A prosecutor Wednesday asked an Athens court to reject appeals by former defense minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos, his wife Viki Stamati and another 10 people against their convictions in connection with a money-laundering racket linked to kickbacks from state procurements.

According to prosecutor Anastasia Dimitriadou, a judicial probe has linked all the above to the racket.

Pegasus media group and lenders to be charged

The head of the Athens court of first instance, Ilias Zagoraios, is preparing to bring criminal charges against employees of the Pegasus media group and three major Greek banks which are alleged to have granted Pegasus millions of euros in loans without adequate guarantees and to have allowed the loans to remain unserviced.

'Elevator dragon' rapist accused of 1996 murder

The so-called "Elevator Dragon" who was convicted 20 years ago to 50 years in prison for raping 28 women, has been accused of murdering a man in the Lycabettus area of Athens in 1996 in front of his girlfriend.

Police were led to the suspect after matching his fingerprints to those found in the car of 21-year-old victim Nikitas Koronios, two decades after the incident.

Albanian man arrested for possession of drugs worth 30,000 euros

An Albanian national, 32, was arrested for possession of drugs in the area of Exacrhia in Athens, Saturday afternoon. Police officers of the Attica narcotics unit were led to the suspect after information they received within the framework of ongoing operations against drug trafficking.

Man arrested after firing shots outside Athens court

A man was arrested on Friday after firing a gun outside an Athens court.

The man, reportedly a relative of Marios Papageorgiou, the 26-year-old victim in an ongoing kidnapping and murder trial, was speaking to the media outside the appeals court in Athens when he pulled out a handgun firing three shots in the air.

Undercover agents arrested the man as he left the scene.