Attica Security Directorate

Supreme Court prosecutor orders investigation into organised crime in mykonos and cyclades islands, including lifting of phone privacy

Georgia Adilini, the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, has called for an investigation into organised crime activities on Mykonos, other Cyclades islands, and even in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Man found dead in apartment with head injury, suspect detained

A 50-year-old man was found dead inside an apartment in the central district of Exarchia on Thursday morning, police said.

Initial information suggested that the man suffered a head injury, while a hammer and a knife were found next to his body.

The victim was being hosted in the said apartment on Harilaou Trikoupi Street by the 48-year-old house owner, who has been detain.

Police detains more than 90 people in Exarchia squat sweep

Police in Athens arrested three people and detained more than 90 in a large operation to evict squatters in two buildings in the central district of Exarchia early Thursday morning. 
The raid on Tzavella street followed a similar operation in a house on Solomou street where three people were detained for possession of cannabis.

Anarchist group tries to barge into ministry in support of N17 hitman

Twenty members of anarchist group Rouvikonas attempted to barge into the Citizens Protection Ministry on Monday morning but were prevented by the ministry's guards.

Police said in a press release the suspects were stopped at the outer perimeter of the building, on Kanellopoulou avenue, detained and transferred at the Attica Security Directorate.