Bank of Greece

ECB funding to Greek banks rose 47 percent in January

European Central Bank funding to Greek banks rose 47 percent in January from a month earlier, Greek central bank data showed on Tuesday, as deposit flight squeezed liquidity and forced the country?s lenders to increase their borrowing from the ECB.

ECB lending to Greek banks against collateral rose to 82.24 billion euros in January from 56.04 billion euros in December.

ELA necessary for T-bill issues

 State will have to draw an additional 4.5-5.5 bln euros, which banks can only access through the mechanism

By Sotiris Nikas

Greek banks will require additional liquidity amounting to 4.5-5.5 billion euros in February and March to cover scheduled and extraordinary issues of treasury bills ? in other words, the cash needs of the state.

Property prices shrank by 7 pct in July-September

By Nikos Roussanoglou

Greek property prices posted the biggest drop in the entire European Union in the third quarter of 2014, according to Eurostat figures published on Wednesday in Brussels. The data reflected the picture shown by a Bank of Greece survey, which pointed to a 7 percent yearly decline in the July-September period.

ECB approves emergency funding line for Greek banks, banking source says

The European Central Bank has approved an emergency funding line for Greek banks to be provided via the country's central bank, a banking source told Reuters on Wednesday.

Last week, tightening liquidity ahead of a national election on Jan. 25 prompted the Bank of Greece to ask the ECB to approve a so-called emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) line for Greece's top banks.

To Potami chief confident of finances after meeting with BoG governor

Emerging from a briefing on Tuesday by Bank of Greece Governor and Former Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras in Athens, the leader of To Potami, currently polling in third place at 6-7 percent for the January 25 elections, said that the situation with the Greek economy "appears difficult but under control."

Greek central bank asks ECB to allow emergency bank lending line if needed

By George Georgiopoulos

Greece's central bank has moved to protect its banks from any fallout from the coming general election, asking the European Central Bank to approve a stand-by domestic emergency funding line, a Bank of Greece official said on Saturday.