Bank of Greece

Banks: Seven-year record with 1 billion euro mortgage deals in 2021

Housing loans in 2021 made an impressive finale with the amounts of the loan agreements signed in December reaching a high of 7.5 years, with an annual increase of 100%.

According to the official data of the Bank of Greece, the new financing that was contracted in the last month of last year, approached 160 million euros.

Greek Minister of Tourism – More than six million tourists have visited our country

The Greek Minister of Tourism, Harry Theocharis, spoke to MEGA about the resumption and the rise of tourism in Greece, during this year. This year's data show that tourism is starting to reach the levels of 2019, despite the obstacles of the pandemic.

The country has done well in tourism this year.

BoG – 51% increase in travel receipts in the first half of 2021 – Arrivals decreased

In June 2021, the current account deficit decreased year-on-year, mainly due to an improvement in the services balance and, to a lesser extent, the primary and secondary income accounts, which was partly offset by the deterioration in the balance of goods.

Christos Pappas: The parliamentary works and days of the man who was on the lam until yesterday

By Nikos Hasapopoulos

Christos Pappas of the now defunct far-right Golden Dawn party was no run of the mill cadre of former party leader Nikos Michaloliakos.

He was the self-styled "theoretician" of the group. Even "his own" people referred to him as [top Nazi Hermann] Goering and his parliamentary presence was marked by his outrageous audacity.