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The Eurogroup Discuss the Bulgarian Candidature for Eurozone Membership

The Bulgarian candidature for eurozone membership will be discussed at a meeting of Eurogroup finance ministers. The point has entered the last minute on the agenda. It is envisaged that ministers will discuss Bulgaria's progress in relation to its desire to join the ERM II.

President Iohannis reconfirms in Brussels Romania's firm support for the Eastern Partnership

President Klaus Iohannis participated on Thursday and Friday in the meeting of the European Council in Brussels, context in which he presented the results of the Romanian Presidency at the EU Council and reconfirmed Romania's firm support for the Eastern Partnership.

President Iohannis says Romania fares better than expected holding EU Council Presidency

President Klaus Iohannis said on Friday that the Romanian Presidency at the Council of the European Union concluded 90 legislative files, showing that most people expected Romania to be in between somewhere. "I don't know if it is good to speak about a legacy, you cannot create a legacy in six months, that's an illusion. But you can do a decent work in six months.

The ECB Checks Whether Banks in Bulgaria Can Cope with External Risks

The ECB's assessment of six major banks working in the country has to show whether they can resist external as well as internal risks. Stress tests are already running and are due to the demand for Bulgaria to enter the Eurozone waiting room (ERM II mechanism) and the Banking Union, the 24-hour newspaper writes.

What Assessment did the IMF Give Bulgaria in its Latest Report?

On March 20, 2019, the Executive Council of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) closed the Article IV consultation with Bulgaria. This is the final stage of the assessment of the economic situation of the state, which the IMF makes each year for each Member State of the Fund. The consultation ends with assessment and country-specific recommendations.

Klaus Iohannis, in Brussels highlights important results achieved so far by EU Council Romanian Presidency

AGERPRES special correspondent Florentina Peia reports: President Klaus Iohannis attended, Thursday through Friday, the European Council meeting in Brussels, context in which he underlined the very important results achieved so far by the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU.