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Experts Urge Improved Anti-Terrorism Strategy in Serbia

Izabela Kisic, executive director of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, said there were "huge differences" in the punishments handed down against Serbian citizens convicted of joining Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and those who fought on the side of Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine.

UN Rights Rapporteur: Govts Using ‘Anti-Terror’ Laws to Target Critics

Her commitment to human rights then led her to Front Line Defenders, an organisation she herself founded in 2001 and played a key role in as executive director for 15 years.

In May this year Lawlor, now 68, continued her professional path in the field, becoming the UN's Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, HRDs.

Serbian Nationalist Flaunts Freedom with Ukraine Call to Arms

Zivkovic, however, was investigated on suspicion of organising the participation of Serb fighters in the war. He was arrested in August last year in the southern Serbian town of Krusevac but on June 12 the local prosecutor's office told BIRN it had suspended the investigation against him, without specifying why.