Belgrade court

Bosnians Commemorate Tuzla Massacre, Demanding Justice for Victims

Relatives of the victims, local residents and politicians were among hundreds of people who gathered on Thursday to mark the anniversary of the massacre in the Kapija area of Tuzla, known as the 'crime against Tuzla's youth' - one of the deadliest attacks on civilians during the 1992-95 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Secretary General of Reporters Without Borders welcomed the verdict against Simonović

"A Belgrade court has sentenced the local politician Dragoljub Simonovic to a 4-year prison term for ordering the 2018 arson attack on the home of investigative journalist Milan Jovanovic. We welcome the first-instance verdict as good news for #pressfreedom in Serbia", Deloire said.

Murdered Serb Politician’s Widow ‘Could Testify for Suspect’

Milena Ivanovic Popovic, the widow of murdered Kosovo Serb political party leader Oliver Ivanovic, was proposed on Wednesday as a witness in a defamation case launched by businessman Milan Radoicic, who has been accused of leading a criminal organisation that killed Ivanovic.