Zaev has secured majority to ratify constitutional changes

The government of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has secured the parliamentary majority required to finalize the four constitutional amendments that will change the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to North Macedonia, a ruling party spokesman cited by MIA news agency reported on Friday.

Macedonia Albanian Parties Demand Constitutional Change

Two small ethnic Albanian opposition parties in Macedonia, the BESA movement and the Alliance for Albanians, insist that the changing of the constitution to implement the 'name' agreement with Greece is a good opportunity for additional changes that would improve the status of Albanians in the country.

Macedonia PM Recruits Albanian Parties to Boost Majority

The reshuffle proposed by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Tuesday is the first since the election of his government last year, and will see two small ethnic Albanian parties join the ruling coalition, boosting its support in the assembly.

The Democratic Party of Albanians, DPA, which controls two MPs in parliament, will get one ministerial post and one deputy minister.

Ruling Parties Seal Local Election Victory in Macedonia

Macedonia's SDSM, led by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, confirmed its widespread support, winning 18 of the 35 municipalities in which voting took place Sunday. The first round already suggested widespread support on October 15 (SDSM won 39), which together with Sunday's vote means that in total the party now controls at least 57 out of Macedonia's 81 municipalities.

Macedonia's Albanian Parties Battle for Electoral Supremacy

The second round of voting on Sunday won't change the big picture from the first round, at which the main ruling Social Democrats, SDSM, won a big victory over their bitter opponents from the opposition right-wing VMRO DPMNE party - but the contest in the ethnic Albanian bloc is expected to be a lot more exciting.

Polls Open in High Stakes Elections in Macedonia

A total of 3,480 polling stations opened at 7am on Sunday for Macedonia's local elections, in which some 1.8 million voters will have the right to choose mayors and local councils in 80 municipalities plus the capital, Skopje.

Voters will choose between a total of 260 mayoral candidates for the 81 municipalities until 7pm Sunday, when polling stations close.

Tensions With BESA Threaten Macedonia's Social Democrats

Macedonia's main ruling party, the Social Democrats, and the ethnic Albanian BESA party have exchanged a series of mutual accusations and warnings.

The dispute erupted after the Social Democrats, the SDSM, decided to openly support BESA's bitter Albanian rivals in the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, in the October 15 local elections.