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Integration – the EU’s white elephant

It is no secret that Europe has been struggling to come to an agreement on a pan-European migration policy since the 2015 migration "crisis." Public and political sentiments on the topic have swung from the left to the right over the years, resulting in the latest, trimmed-down New Pact on Migration and Asylum proposal that is currently being debated in Brussels.

The US will temporarily deploy 1,500 Troops along the Border with Mexico

The government of US President Joe Biden has requested the deployment of 1,500 additional military personnel along the US-Mexico border because of the migrant flow that is expected from there after the lifting of restrictions against the spread of the coronavirus, reported Reuters and AFP, quoted by BTA.

Sudan rivals pledge evacuation help, US diplomats airlifted

American embassy staffers were airlifted from Sudan early Sunday, as forces loyal to rival generals battled for control of Africa's third-largest nation for a ninth day amid fading hopes for deescalation.

The warring sides said they were helping coordinate the evacuation of foreigners, though continued exchanges of fire in Sudan's capital undermined those claims.

Congress notified about $259 million F-16 equipment sale to Turkey

On Monday the Biden administration notified Congress of a $259 million F-16 equipment sale to Turkey. Petros Kasfikis, the Washington DC correspondent for the Athens News Agency and Mega TV, joins Thanos Davelis to break down the details of this deal, what it means for the potential sale of F-16s to Turkey, and explore whether this signals a shift in Washington when it comes to Ankara.

Being an Ally does not mean being a Vassal: Macron Defended his Words about the US and Taiwan

French President Emmanuel Macron has defended his recent comments on Taiwan, in which he said France should not be drawn into an escalation between the US and China, the BBC reported.

Macron made the comments in an interview over the weekend following his three-day state visit to China. He also said that being an ally of the US does not mean being a "vassal".

Did Turkey target Syrian Kurdish leader and US personnel with a drone strike?

This weekend missiles from a drone nearly hit a US convoy carrying American personnel and Mazlum Kobane, a top American ally in the fight against the Islamic State and the commander in chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Kobane said he was the target of an assassination, while the Pentagon said the strikes "directly threatened the safety of US personnel" working to defeat IS.