Bosnian Serb Army

Bosnia to Try Serb Ex-Soldier for Assisting Srebrenica Genocide

The Bosnian state court on Friday confirmed an indictment charging Zoran Malinic, a Serbian citizen who lives in Belgrade, with assisting in the commission of genocide when he was the commander of the military police battalion of the 65th Motorised Protection Regiment of the Bosnian Serb Army's Main Headquarters.

Serb Chetniks’ Links to War Criminals and Extremists Uncovered

But even though inter-ethnic relations remain highly sensitive, members of Chetnik associations from Bosnia and Serbia who participate in these events did not face any consequences for staging their rowdy celebrations and singing nationalist songs that seem to threaten bloodshed until last year.

Bosnian Army Ex-Commander Convicted of War Crimes

The Bosnian state court found former Bosnian Army Third Corps commander Sakib Mahmuljin guilty on Friday of failing to prevent murders and inhumane acts by members of the El Mujahideen unit in Vozuca and Zavidovici areas during the Bosnian war.

"In his capacity as commander he failed to prevent the commission of inhumane acts," said presiding judge Zoran Bozic.

Acquittals Urged for Bosnian Fighters Accused of Killing Serbs

In closing statements at the Bosnian state court on Thursday, defence lawyers for Medaris Saric and Mirko Bunoza called for them to be found not guilty of participating in a joint criminal enterprise that aimed to detain and kill Serb civilians in villages in the Trnovo area, and of unlawfully detaining, killing and inhumanely treating captured Bosnian Serb Army soldiers from May 1992 to July 1

Bosnian Court Rejects Indictment of Bosnian Serb Army Officers

The Bosnian state court has refused to confirm the prosecution's indictment charging Radomir Nedic, the wartime commander of the Bosnian Serb Army's First Majevica Brigade, and Ratko Djurkovic, the commander of the First Battalion of the First Majevica Brigade, with having command responsibility for crimes against humanity and war crimes.

UN Court Rejects Bosnian War Rape Convict’s Plea for Release

The Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals in The Hague has turned down a request for early release from Dragoljub Kunarac, the wartime leader of a Bosnian Serb Army reconnaissance unit, who was jailed by the UN court for multiple rape and the enslavement of two women in the Foca area during the Bosnian conflict.

Bosnian Serb Crimes Against Humanity Suspect Dies

The Bosnian state court discontinued proceedings against Milorad Krunic, who was accused of committing crimes against humanity in the Sanski Most area in 1992, because he has died.

"In the case against Milorad Krunic, the court has rendered a decision to discontinue the criminal proceedings against him due to the defendant's death," the state court announced.