Bosnian state court

Srebrenica Crimes Defendant Dies Before Final Verdict

The Bosnian state court announced on Friday that it has discontinued the trial of Milan Bogdanovic, whose acquittal on charges of capturing Bosniak men after the fall of Srebrenica in July 1995, and enabling others to abuse and kill them, was being appealed by the prosecution, because the defendant has died.

Bosnian Serb Ex-Fighter Appeals Murder, Rape Conviction

Sasa Cvetkovic's defence on Monday launched an appeal at the Bosnian state court against the verdict that convicted the wartime fighter of killing two elderly Roma women in May 1992 and raping two Bosniaks, one of them a minor, in June 1992.

The defence called for a retrial or for a reduction in Cvetkovic's 12-year sentence, which was handed down in March this year.

Bosnian Serb Ex-Fighter ‘Didn’t Kill’ Bosniaks in Burning House

Radomir Susnjar told the Bosnian state court on Thursday that he felt pity for the victims, but did not participate in the murder of 57 civilians in a house in Pionirska Street in Visegrad in June 1992.

"I do not feel guilty, because I am not the person who did that," said ex-fighter Susnjar.

Bosnian Mayor’s Long-Delayed War Crimes Trial to Begin

The mayor of Vlasenica, Miroslav Kraljevic, will go on trial in Sarajevo next month with co-defendants Radenko Stanic and Goran Garic for the persecution of Bosniak civilians during the war in 1992 and 1993, it was announced on Wednesday.

The three men - all former police officers - are charged with unlawful imprisonment, murder, torture, sexual abuse and forced disappearances.

Bosnia Retries Eight for Wartime Jail Camp Abuses

The retrial of Mustafa Djelilovic, Fadil Covic, Mirsad Sabic, Nezir Kazic, Becir Hujic, Halid Covic, Serif Mesanovic and Nermin Kalember opened at the Bosnian state court on Tuesday, with the defendants accused of crimes against civilians illegally detained at the Silos camp, the Krupa barracks and the 9th of May elementary school in the Hadzici municipality.