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Day 323 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Putin replaces the Commander of the Russian Forces after Only 3 Months on the Job

Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours:

London: Russia uses paratroopers as rapid reaction units in Ukraine

Russian commanders in southern and eastern Ukraine are using airborne forces as "elite rapid reaction units", according to a British Ministry of Defense briefing.

Widow blames financial problems for ex-UK army officer’s death in Istanbul

Emma Winberg, the wife of former British army officer James Le Mesurier who jumped to his death on Nov. 11, 2019 from his apartment in Istanbul, has said the ultimate cause of her husband's death was the financial problems he faced, not an international intrigue.

No evidence of murder found in death of ex-UK army officer

The Istanbul Chief Prosecutor's Office has concluded that former British military intelligence officer James Le Mesurier, who was found dead in front of his office in Istanbul's Beyoğlu district late last year, died from falling from the terrace of his house, closing the case into his death.

Threats Now on Europe's DOORSTEP - Pay up or RISK Normal Britons, Army Chief to Warn

 THE UK'S ability to defend itself "will be eroded" if desperately needed funding is not secured and harrowingly threats we face "are not thousands of miles away but on Europe's doorstep", the head of the British army will warn, Daily Express writes.