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Restored Byzantine church re-opens in Gaza

The remains of a fifth century Byzantine church were unveiled in Gaza on Jan. 24 following a three-year restoration project, with the strip's Hamas Islamist rulers touting an embrace of their "Christian brothers."

The remains of a church and monastery were first discovered in Jabalia, a city in northern Gaza, in 1997 over an area spanning roughly 800 square meters.

Actor Ion Caramitru to be laid to rest today at Bellu Cemetery

Actor Ion Caramitru will be laid to rest today on the Actors Alley of the Bucharest Bellu Cemetery. On the way from the Visarion Church to the cemetery, the funeral procession will stop around noon in front of the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theater, where he served as manager over the past 16 years, for a final farewell.

Museum Without Walls questions feelings

The British Council has launched the fifth exhibition of its award-winning Museum Without Walls platform, "Does It Feel Cosy?" Co-curated by Rita Aktay, representing Turkey, and Ritika Biswas, representing the U.K., the exhibition explores what it means to feel at home within and outside of oneself, and this oneiric journey meanders across the emotional and political landscapes of care and cris


On February 19, 1990, the Romanian Association of Theatre Artists, UNITER, came into existence. About 35 artists back then gathered in a General Assembly to represent actors, directors, set designers, critics, literary secretaries and theatrologists in the field of performing and creative drama and decided to establish the Romanian Association of Theatre Artists - UNITER.

Power of creative industries

In the 21st century, it is impossible to think about arts and culture without creative industries. Creative industries sound fairly new for Turkey's majority. They are one of the key ingredients of the country's future as it gathers architecture, design, plastic arts, new media, culture and advertising sector and create a new hub for these different sectors to work together.

Vertigo | Epidaurus | June 22

Alfred Hitchcock's psychological thriller and 1958 sensation "Vertigo" is set to light up the Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus on Saturday, June 22 as part of the Athens Open Air Film Festival. The Hitchcock classic, which features a detective (James Stewart) who suffers from vertigo, was the first film to use the dolly zoom, a camera effect that distorts visual perception.

Greek universities low in ‘openness’

Greek universities fare very poorly in terms of attracting foreign students, according to a recent report by the British Council.
The report, titled "The Shape of Global Higher Education: International comparisons with Europe," compared national support for international engagement in higher education across 20 countries in Europe and the Americas.

Naked | Athens | June 7

Mike Leigh's 1993 drama exploring sexual obsession, "Naked," is being screened by the Athens Open Air Film Festival at Avyssinias Square on Friday, June 7, starting at 9.30 p.m. The film is part of a tribute to UK cinema, organized in cooperation with the British Council. Admission is free.