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Halloween events 2015 – Spookiest ever jumbo guide to Greek Halloween for young and old!

Greeks who scoff at Halloween, saying it has nothing to do with the traditional Greek way of life, should think again. While much of the Western world enjoys the festivities associated with the ghoulish festival, Greece is actually the place where celebrations in honor of the dead had begun.

Feeding the 5000, a giant feast using leftovers and wilting veggies!

Feeding the 5000, a flagship campaigning even and celebratory feast is aimed at drawing attention to the amount of edible food thrown away. Athens has joined the food waste revolution with its own event that takes place from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Kotzia Square on Sunday, October 11.

Six Bulgarian Cities Participate in Tenth Edition of European Researchers' Night

Six Bulgarian cities are participating in the tenth edition of the European Researchers' Night which is taking place on Friday.

Events will take place simultaneously in 280 cities across Europe and beyond.

The six Bulgarian cities hosting events are Sofia, Plovidv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse and Stara Zagora, daily Dnevnik informs.

'Small Differences' by Grayson Perry at Pera

As part of its 10th year celebration program, Istanbul?s Pera Museum is presenting the work of Turner and BAFTA award winner Grayson Perry. 

Organized in collaboration with the British Council and curated by Linsey Young from the British Council?s Visual Arts Team, the exhibition reflects the artist?s unrelenting fascination with issues of the everyday, religion, class, and identity.

To GM or Not to GM: A Few Words in Defense of Genetic Modification

"It's the poor who suffer" due to European reluctance to GMOs, since solutions which could help meet needs of the poor "are stopped by the rich"...

"We'll almost run out of wheat by 2050" and genetic modification will be part of the solution, pushing humans to go where evolution won't...

Simon Watt: Science Should Beg, Borrow or Steal from SOCs as Much as Possible

Pandas are so cuddly? and are given too much attention, whilst there are many other, unknown and "aesthetically challenging" animals we should work more to preserve. That's what biologist, writer, science communicator and TV presenter Simon Watt believes.

Simon Watt's Frogs and Friends

How much do you know about frogs? Simon Watt thinks there is much to learn: including the fact they are better than most people he knows.

Mr Watt, a biologist, writer, science communicator and TV presenter, is to stage on Friday his popular comedy event about frogs in Sofia.