Snap Elections Fail to Calm Bulgaria’s Political Instability

The election has, therefore, failed to resolve the political deadlock that has gripped Bulgaria since April, and the country is heading into somewhat uncharted territory. As a result, in the coming weeks and months, a protracted political crisis will likely materialize, whose outcome is hard to predict. Another round of elections could well take place in autumn.

Bulgarian Socialist Party to Return Cabinet-Forming Mandate on 5 May


The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) will return the exploratory mandate to form a government on May 5.
The information was released by head of BSP-Sofia Kaloyan Pargov, emerging from a sitting of the BSP National Council on

"We made the decision to return the mandate, given the current situation and circumstances," Pargov said.

PM Borisov Takes One Day Leave Instead of Going for Hearing in Parliament

With a surprise leave, the newly resigned Prime Minister Borisov avoided the hearing from the new parliament.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov continued to avoid being heard by parliament in the new National Assembly. He took leave for tomorrow, the day MPs summoned him to speak about work on the European Union's Recovery and Sustainability Plan.

There Will Be a Second Round in the Most Big Cities

There will be a second round in Sofia and a number of regional cities. GERB remains the strongest party, the BSP improves its results and goes on a run-off in a number of regional cities. The big surprise of the vote is the breakthrough of the independent candidate Boris Bonev in Sofia. At the same time, Bulgaria rejected national populists.

Bulgaria's Government Assures the Procedure for the Acquisition of a New Type of Fighter is Transparent

( - The Chairman of the parliamentary group of PP GERB, Tsvetan Tsvetanov envisages that the Government's proposal to start negotiations with the U.S. on the purchase of 8 F-16s will be approved  by the Parliament. This, he stated on Sunday, in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio, learned

Bulgarian Socialist Party Wants the Resignation of Parliament's President Dimitar Glavchev

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has demanded the resignation of the Parliament's president, Dimitar Glavchev.

''The Parliament has not been working for six weeks now because the government and the ruling majority have no programme for governance and legislation'', BSP leader Korneliya Ninova told journalists, quoted by FOCUS News Agency.