Socialist 'Dissident' Member Kadiev Enters Party Leadership Race

Georgi Kadiev, known for his usual criticism at decisions of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), has officially become a candidate to head the party.

Kadiev left Parliament and BSP's National Council in June, after a party session dedicated to poor results at the European Parliament elections this year.

Bulgarian Socialists Blame Ukraine, ABV for Election Defeat

Low voter turnout at the EU elections on May 25 was a result of the Ukraine crisis and the rise of President (2002-2011)'s splinter-off ABV party, BSP officials believe.

After a meeting of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)'s Executive Bureau Tuesday, Dimitar Dabov, Deputy Chair of the party's National Council, said his party failed to mobilize its traditional supporters.

Bulgarian Socialist MP, MEP Candidate Leaves Parliament

Petar Kurumbashev, MP from the ruling Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), has resigned and will leave Parliament.

Bulgarian Parliament Speaker Mihail Mikov announced Kurumbashev's decision on Wednesday, without specifying the motives.

Kurumbashev is one of the seven deputy chairs of BSP, according to reports of

Bulgarian Parliament Appoints New Election Commission Deputy

Bulgaria's Central Electoral Commission is to have a new Deputy Chair, short after its top members were appointed by Parliament.

Margariza Zlatareva, who was the center-right opposition GERB's candidate, has been declared deputy chief by Bulgarian lawmakers with the approval of MPs from GERB and ethnic Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS).

Bulgarian Socialists Deem Ex-President ‘Self-Expelled’ from Party

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is set to announce the "self-expulsion" of former Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov.

At its upcoming National Council on Friday, Bulgaria's ruling party will also declare the resignation of key BSP members who earlier joined Parvanov's splinter movement called Alternative for Bulgarian Renaissance (ABV), has learned.