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North Macedonia explained why a Bulgarian MEP was not allowed to enter the country

In the group that traveled to the Bulgarian military cemetery near Novo Selo on May 6 and which "due to non-fulfillment of the conditions for entry into the Republic of North Macedonia, according to the Law on Foreigners, was prohibited from entering" the Republic of North Macedonia, there were persons which the Ministry of the Interior of North Macedonia knows pose a risk to public pe

Bulgaria: Military Parade on the Day of the Bulgarian Army (PHOTOS and VIDEO)

The Day of Courage and the Day of the Bulgarian Army was celebrated with a military parade in Sofia. On the capital's "Knyaz Alexander I" square, military personnel from all branches of the army marched and heavy military equipment passed by, and combat and military transport planes and helicopters flew in the sky.

Bulgarians Celebrate St. George's Day - The Day of Courage and the Bulgarian Army

On May 6, Bulgarians celebrate St. George's Day - the biggest spring holiday, since 1880 it has been celebrated as the Day of Courage and the Bulgarian Army.

It is a name day for more than 200 thousand Bulgarians who bear the name of Saint George the Victorious.

Bulgaria’s VMZ - Sopot might Produce 155-mm Shells but only Experimentally

Economy Minister Nikola Stoyanov said that the state-owned weapons enterprise VMZ-Sopot can produce 155mm projectiles, which the EU plans to supply to Ukraine. However, according to Stoyanov, we are talking about experimental and not serial production of such ammunition in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria’s Defense Minister: We Cannot Provide this Specific Ammunition to Ukraine

"Bulgaria follows the common policy of the EU. Regarding the joint acquisition of 155 mm. projectiles, the Bulgarian army does not have such weapons systems that use this type of ammunition, that is, we have no way to conclude a contract for such acquisition, we do not need them at the moment". This was stated by the Acting Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov.

It is already Clear that Bulgarian Ammunition will reach Ukraine

"Bulgarian ammunition will reach Ukraine, although not directly, and this is already clear to everyone," commented the director of the Sofia Security Forum Yordan Bozhilov on the Bulgarian National Television.

He pointed out that our country has one of the largest available old Soviet-type arsenals - weapons and ammunition.

Bulgarian Minister of Defense: We will Categorically Not Send Troops to Ukraine

"We will categorically not send troops to Ukraine. The interpretations of the changes in the Law on Defense and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria were extremely unsuccessful in a complex pre-election situation."

This was stated by the Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov on Bulgaria ON AIR TV.

Defense Ministry: Bulgaria has Not Exported T-72 Tanks, S-300, MiG-29 or Su-25 to Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense has not sold Su-25 aircraft for more than 10 years, said Minister Dimitar Stoyanov, commenting on a Bloomberg publication according to which Bulgaria sold 14 Soviet-made Su-25 attack aircraft to NATO member countries, which handed them over of Ukraine.