Bulgarian Association of Restaurants

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: Queues for Quick Tests in Front of Restaurants in Sofia

Sofia restaurants are already open after 11 pm without restrictions and in compliance with the requirements of the health authorities. The owners offer a new service to their customers - quick tests for coronavirus. Last night they were free, but from today those who want to have fun, without evening hours, now have to pay 10 leva for a test.

Boycott of the Measures: Sofia Discos Opened their Doors to Visitors

Control officers were not detected

Boycott of restrictions against the distribution of COVID-19, after the Bulgarian Association of Restaurants announced that the discos will not close at night.

According to the new measures, the restaurants should not be open after 11 pm. Thus, in practice, the discos should not open at all.

Restaurant and Hotel Keepers in Bulgaria Say No to Tighter Anti-Covid Measures

Restaurant and hotel owners took to the streets in Bulgaria to protest the tightening of COVID-19 measures in the country set to take effect on 7 September until the end of October.

The centre of Veliko Tarnovo was blocked on Thursday. Plovdiv will be blocked on Friday. A big protest is organised to take place on 7 September in the capital Sofia. 

Bulgarian Restaurateurs Demand Two-Week Lockdown for All or No One

The Association of Restaurants in Bulgaria (SZB) and the Bulgarian Association of Restaurants (BAZ) are pushing for the introduction of a strict and all-encompassing two-week quarantine. Such a lockdown period is only possible if it applies to absolutely all state institutions, except those of essential necessity, the organizations said.

Bulgarian Restaurateurs Give up Protest, Don’t Want to Be Blamed for Disease Spread

About 30% of the restaurants have gone bankrupt and will not open at all, and with each passing month this percentage grows, told bTV Richard Alibegov, President of the Bulgarian Association of Restaurants.

The associations of hotel- and restaurant-keepers in Bulgaria demanded resignation of Health Minister Kostadin Angelov because, in their words, "he is waging a war" against them.