Bulgarian Foreign Ministry

Foreign Minister: Serbia does not fulfill the Agreements on the Rights of Bulgarians in the Country

"Respecting the rights of Bulgarians in the 'Western regions' (eastern Serbia) is an element of the criteria we observe when it comes to Serbia's negotiations for membership in the European Union." This was stated by Bulgaria's Foreign Minister Nikolay Milkov to Milena Milotinova in the program "Brussels 1" on "BG on Air".

Sofia ‘Concerned’ as North Macedonia Rejects Bulgarian Club’s ‘Offensive’ Name

Sofia has expressed "concern" after North Macedonia's Justice Minister, Krenar Loga, on Thursday banned a Bulgarian club from being named after a Bulgarian nationalist who became a Nazi collaborator, after a state commission in charge of advising on such issues recommended the move.

Ambassador Mitrofanova will Propose to Putin the Closure of the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria

Ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova announced that she intends to propose to the leadership of her country to close the Russian embassy in Bulgaria because of Sofia's refusal to cancel the decision to expel 70 Russian diplomats and officials.

Macedonian Singer living in the US was the one who Set on Fire Bulgaria’s Cultural Center in Bitola

The perpetrator, who set fire to the front door of the "Ivan Mihailov" Cultural Center in Bitola, North Macedonia, was caught. This was announced by the Macedonian Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski on his Facebook account.

The 34-year-old singer Lambe Alabakovski has been arrested. He works and lives in America, but returned to Bitola a few weeks ago.

Bulgarian MFA: Lavrov is Under Sanctions that’s why his Flight through Bulgaria was Denied

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria did not provide a diplomatic permit for Russian flights over Bulgarian territory that have on board the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov with a note from June 1.

This is stated in the position of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry.

Russia Expelled more Bulgarian Diplomats

Russia has declared diplomats from the Bulgarian embassy in Moscow undesirable, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Later, the news was confirmed by the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry.

The measure is in response to the expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats from Bulgaria in March.

The note for the expulsion was handed to our ambassador in Russia Atanas Krastin.