Bulgarian MEP

Bulgaria Ranks 4th in the EU in Terms of Investment from the Juncker Plan

As one of the MEPs who worked most actively on the creation and distribution of the European Fund for Strategic Investments under the Juncker Plan, I am proud that Bulgaria ranks fourth in the European Union in terms of attracted investment in terms of gross domestic product.

Bulgaria Under Pressure from the EU to Introduce Directive About Personal Bankruptcy

A new European directive recommends that Member States start implementing the debt-forgiving regulations - a bankruptcy procedure, not only for companies but also for citizens - as soon as possible.

In fact, Bulgaria is the only country in the EU where no personal bankruptcy mechanism has yet been put in place and, unlike business, consumers are becoming life-long debtors.

MEP Eva Maydell: From 2021 we will Stop Moving the Clock

"The majority of Bulgarian and European citizens have clearly said that the change of time by one hour ahead and back has a negative impact on them, so MEPs have united behind the citizens and asked that this clock rotation should stop 2021. "This was stated by Eva Maydell on the occasion of the vote on the European Parliament's position on the subject.

MEP Eva Maydell: From 2019, the Euro Translation Fees will be Reduced Ten Times

The euro bank transfer fees to be levied by banks for the service will drop dramatically from December 2019. This is possible after almost a year of talks led by the Bulgarian MEP Eva Maydell. The changes apply to money transfers to and from countries in the EU.

Fees for Money Transfers in Euro to and from Bulgaria will Decrease Drastically

Sofia. Fees for money transfers in euro to and from Bulgaria will decrease drastically, Bulgarian MEP Eva Maydell (GERB/EPP), who presented a report on the matter to the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, told Focus Radio.

Eva Maydell: Digital Technologies are Moving with the Free Movement of Data in the Union

The Bulgarian MEP from GERB / ​​EPP Eva Maydell met the Polish Minister of Digitization Christoph Schubert on Tuesday, December 5 in Brussels, reports 24chasa. 

They discussed the main legislative acts of the European Commission in the field of the Single Digital Market. This was announced by the press office of GERB.