Bulgarian National Bank

Deposits of the Non-Governmental Sector with an Annual Increase of 7.9%

At the end of September 2019, deposits of the non-governmental sector reached EUR 42.11 billion (71.2% of GDP), which is an annual increase of 7.9%, the Bulgarian National Bank has reported. Deposits by non-financial enterprises totaled 13 billion euros at the end of the previous month (21.9% of GDP). Compared to the same month of 2018, the rise is 6.4%.

624 Million Euro Were Transferred into the Country from Bulgarians Abroad for just the First Half of the Year

According to Bulgarian National Bank data, 624 million euro has been transferred to Bulgaria from Bulgarians living and working abroad in the period from the beginning of the year until 30 June, 2019, BNR reported.   The biggest sums have been transferred from Germany, USA and Spain. In some households the money transfers from abroad are for no less than 1,200 euro a year.

Lower Consumption and Exports will Slow Growth in Bulgaria in 2020-2021

The growth of the Bulgarian economy will weaken over the next two years against the background of the expected decrease in exports and domestic consumption. This is clear from the second Economic Review for the year, prepared by the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB). "We forecast the real GDP growth rate of Bulgaria in 2019 to reach 3.7%, accelerating compared to 2018.

How much have the Loans and Deposits of Bulgarians increased Since the Beginning of the Year?

With the record low-interest rate on the Bulgarian banking market, lending is growing towards the end of the first half of 2019. Despite the lower yields on deposits, they are also increasing towards the end of July, according to the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB).

USD337.26m Boost in Bulgarian Foreign Direct Investment

 Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Bulgaria registered a USD337.26 million surge from January to June this year on an annual basis.
Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) showed that Bulgaria's FDI posted during the first half of 0.8 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) from the 0.3 percent seen a year earlier during the same period.

Final: The Case of the Omani State Fund Against Bulgaria over the CCB has been Completed

The case filed by the State Oman Reserve Fund against the Bulgarian state over the bankruptcy of Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB) has been finalized, the finance ministry said. The foreign fund, which was a shareholder in the bank, claimed compensation for the refusal of the Bulgarian authorities to try to save it. Back in the spring, the Omani gave up their claim.

BNB Registered 90 New Bulgarian Millionaires for a Year

The Bulgarian National Bank has registered 90 new Bulgarians with more than 1 million Leva in the bank in the space of just one year, BNR reported.

Data show there are 916 millionaires in the country at this time. Their aggregate wealth amounts to around 2 billion Leva (around 1 billion 22 million euro), Nova TV reports.