Bulgarian Orthodox Church

The Holy Week Begins!

The Holy Week for Orthodox Christians begins on Monday after Palm Sunday.

The last week of Lent is called the Holy Week because it is dedicated to the memories of the last days of the earthly life of the Christian savior Jesus Christ - his sufferings, the death of Jesus by crucifixion and his burial.

Today is Palm Sunday

The Orthodox Christians in Bulgaria mark today one of the biggest Christian feasts- the Entry of Christ to Jerusalem, also known as Palm Sunday. Over 367,000 Bulgarians, of whom 283,000 are women, celebrate their name day today.  

Today Is St. Lazar’s Day

Today, on April 11th  the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the traditional St. Lazar's Day, known here as Lazarovden.

The holiday is celebrated each year on the eight day (last Saturday) before Easter with typical ceremonies called Lazaruvane. The day is a festival devoted to young girls, pastures, fields and woods.

Bulgarian Church Leader Insists Sacraments Cannot Transmit Coronavirus

Metropolitan Neofit of Sofia, the Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, has drawn anger - and some ridicule - after his office said church services would continue in the country - despite concerns about transmission of the coronavirus - as the holy sacraments could not possibly transmit a disease.

BNR: Bulgarian Orthodox Church Refuses to Provide Artifacts for Exhibition in the Louvre

The Bulgarian Orthodox church has not given its blessing for providing Christian artifacts for the exhibition in the Louvre, BNR reported.

This is a principled position that items must not be taken out of the church repositories and taken abroad unless it is for pilgrimages, said Gerasim,Bishop of Melnik, secretary of the Holy Synod.

Bulgarians Honour St Anthony

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church honours Friday the memory of the Venerable Anthony the Great, on the holiday called Antonovden.

Anthony was born in about 250 AD in Egypt. During his life he spent 20 years in complete solitude in the desert. Sick and suffering people came to him for help.