Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)

Gallup International: Whether BSP or GERB Will Win the Snap Elections In Bulgaria

Whether the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) or GERB will win the elections depends on the last days of the campaign. This is what data from a "Gallup International" study shows.

Data before the decisive phase of the election campaign shows equality among those who may be expected to vote for sure.

AFIS Pollster: GERB and BSP with Equal Support Ahead of Snap Elections

About ten days before the snap parliamentary elections on March, 26 the answer to the question who is the likely winner remains open, according to the findings of pollster AFIS about the political preferences in Bulgaria, quoted by BNR.

The two major parties, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and GERB, share almost equal support, and the outcome cannot be forecast in advance.

Elena Yoncheva: Borisov Should Leave Politics If He's lying

The candidate for member of Parliament of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) Elena Yoncheva urged the former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov to leave politics if the court prove that he lied that the government paid for her reportage.

According to her words during an interview on BTV, she promised to do the same if the words of Borisov prove the truth.

Bulgaria's Election Campaign Enters Decisive Stage - Poll

The gap between Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and conservative GERB party is narrow two weeks out of the early election and the next fortnight will be decisive, a Gallup poll has suggested.

The pollster argues six parties would enter Parliament if the election were held on Wednesday, March 8.

Quarter of Bulgarian Voters 'Want New Poll after Early Election'

One fourth of Bulgarian voters would like to take part in a new early poll after the upcoming snap election, a survey has shown.

Asked about what should happen after the election, a narrow majority (29%) demand a center-right coalition, while 26% would like to see a center-left coalition, according to a poll by AFIS agency.

South Stream 'Could Be Revisited' after Bulgaria Election - Hungary FM

Hungary's Foreign Minister has argued the abandoned South Stream gas pipeline project could be revisited following the early election in Bulgaria next month.

RIA Novosti quotes Peter Szijjarto as saying: "All these countries in the Western Balkans and Central Europe, we have the interest of revitalizing South Stream."

Bulgaria's Ex-PM Has Highest Approval Rating - Poll

GERB leader and former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov enjoys the highest approval rating among Bulgarian politicians, a poll by Alpha Research agency has shown.

As many as 31.9% have of respondents approve him, more than three months after he submitted his resignation as Prime Minister and a month since he left office, according to data released on Monday.