Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)

Bulgarian Socialist Party Vows to Return Third Mandate Amid Political Uncertainty in the Country

Georgi Svilenski, a prominent figure within the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), has made a resolute declaration: if President Rumen Radev bestows upon them a third mandate, they will promptly return it. This announcement comes amidst a backdrop of political volatility and shifting alliances within Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Parliament Ratifies Agreement with US for Kozloduy NPP Technology

The Bulgarian Parliament has ratified the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Government of the United States on cooperation regarding the construction of nuclear power at the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) site and the Nuclear Program for civil purposes of Bulgaria.

GERB Leads in Bulgarian Pre-Election Polling for European Parliament

With the European elections looming three months away, Bulgaria's political landscape is taking shape, with the GERB party leading the pack, according to a recent study by "Alpha Research." The survey reveals that 22.6% of voters would support GERB, while the "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" (WCC-DB) party closely follows with 19.9% of voter support.

President Radev Engages in Consultations with Parliamentary Groups for Cabinet Formation

Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev is set to engage in consultations with representatives from various parliamentary groups in the 49th National Assembly. Scheduled over Monday and Tuesday, these deliberations hold significant weight in shaping the country's political landscape.

Bulgaria's European Election Prospects: Five Parties Set for MEPs Amid Low Turnout

As the European elections loom, recent polling data suggests that five Bulgarian parties are poised to secure representation in the European Parliament, with a notable increase in support for three of them: "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" (WCC-DB), "Vazrazhdane" (Revival), and the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP).


Controversy Erupts in Bulgarian Parliament Amid Claims of Criminal Migrants Returned from Germany

Tensions flared in Bulgaria's parliament today as the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) raised concerns over the return of migrants with criminal records from Germany, sparking a heated debate in the plenary hall. The controversy unfolded during a parliamentary control session, overshadowing discussions on the coalition agreement prepared by GERB.

Bulgaria's Defense Minister Signs Ukraine Aid Letter Amid Controversy

Bulgaria's Defense Minister Todor Tagarev has sparked debate after signing a letter with his Ukrainian counterpart Rustem Umerov, expressing Bulgaria's willingness to assist Ukraine with various measures, including political, diplomatic, humanitarian, and military support.

BSP Raises Concerns Over Bulgaria's Potential Military Involvement in Ukraine

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has expressed apprehension regarding Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov's recent remarks suggesting the possibility of Bulgaria signing a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine. BSP Chairperson Kornelia Ninova raised concerns during a briefing, calling for Denkov to address the National Assembly on the matter.

Bulgarian Socialist Party Pushes for Government Resignation, Calls for Dual Vote

Amidst escalating political tensions, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has issued a resounding call for the resignation of the government, coupled with an unprecedented proposal for a two-in-one vote encompassing both the Bulgarian Parliament and the European Parliament.