Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)

Ukrainian Embassy Condemns Visit of Bulgarian Politicians to Occupied Crimea

The Ukrainian Embassy in Bulgaria condemned the illegal visit of several Bulgarian politicians and journalists to the occupied Crimea to attend a Week of Bulgarian Culture held on September 7-11.

This was stated in a statement by the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Bulgaria, published on its Facebook page.

Leader of ATAKA: I am Not Sure if I will Support the Upcoming Mistrust Vote

Is there a disagreement with the ruling coalition? Or rather in one of its constituent parts. The leader of the Political Party ATAKA  and of the parliamentary group of the United Patriots Volen Siderov may not vote in favor of the government of the upcoming mistrust vote, submitted two days ago by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP). This is what he said to iNews, as well as to Alfa TV.

Vote of no Confidence in Bulgarian Government Over Corruption Law to be Presented Today

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is putting a motion of no confidence in the government on corruption law today.

After a series of meetings with the Movement For Rights and Freedoms (DPS), it turned out that there were differences and the party would not vote with the Socialists.

Kornelia Ninova, has Demanded a Budget Update for the National Health Insurance Fund for 2018

In a conversation with Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, the leader of Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Kornelia Ninova, has demanded a budget update for the National Health Insurance Fund for 2018 to fix "a big mistake" made by ruling party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) in regard to cancer patients, Ninova told a press conference.

BSP Wants "the Revision of the Transition Period" to Include Concessions, Along with Privatisation

''The report under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) is a serious blow to Bulgaria'', the leader of Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Korneliya Ninova, commented for BTV this morning, citing leaked information last night.

In her words, the European Commission could not come to a conclusion that any of the requirements was fully met.