Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)

Government Approve Anticorruption Bill in First Reading

The Bulgarian MPs approved in first reading the anticorruption bill of the Government and rejected the anticorruption bill proposed by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP).

The Government proposed the creation of an anticorruption body that will unite several structures dealing with conflict of interests and corruption.

70% of Bulgarians Admit The President Should Have a Leading Role in Anti-Corruption Debate

At the beginning of the autumn political season, corruption is at the heart of the political debate, and of lawmaking. The debate over the planned new anti-corruption institution is a key question. More than two-thirds of Bulgarian voters (70%) admit that the president should have a leading role in this respect. 21% support the proposal that control should be in the hands of the government.

Bulgarian Energy Minister Asks Bulgarian Socialist Party to Stop Speculations About Tsankov Kamak

''I want to make it clear once again: there is currently unplanned repair of Tsankov Kamak dam's geomembrane, at the expense of national power company NEK. The repair costs BGN 80,000'', Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova told journalists in Yambol, аccording to Standart News.

Bulgarian Socialist Party to Ask the Specialised Prosecutor's Office to Publish a List of Politicians Funded by KTB

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) will ask the Specialised Prosecutor's Office to publish a list of politicians financed by bankrupt Corporate Commercial Bank (CorpBank or KTB), according to the words of the leader of the party Korneliya Ninova, quoted by DarikNews.

Bulgarian Socialist Party's Request to Use Buzludzha Monument Rejected

The government today rejected the request from Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) to use free of charge the Buzludzha monument for 10 years, the government's press office said, quoted by bTV.

The proposal was made by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works at today's meeting of the Council of Ministers.