Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds

Hitchhockian Horror in Sofia – Crows Attack People

"One crow pecked me on the head and the other attacked me in the back of my leg, I felt a blow as one bird continued to chase me, the pain was quite strong, my calf was cramping and I went straight to Pirogov emergency hospital," relates on BNR Andronika Martonova, an art historian and associate professor at the Institute for Art Studies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Two New Protected Areas Under Natura 2000 Announced in Rila National Park

Two new protected areas in Rila will be established after the government has decided to do so.

The zones are located on the periphery of Rila National Park. The Rila Buffer Protected Area is about 380 km2 under the Birds Directive and the Low Rila Protected Zone is about 370 km2 and is under the Habitats Directive. The two areas overlap as territory.

Red Deer was Found Killed by Poachers near Svilengrad

A red deer was found killed by poachers near Svilengrad, announced the "Wilder Rhodope" Foundation. Remnants of red dear Kibela were discovered after a signal by experts from the Foundation and an on-site inspection with representatives of the Regional Administration in Svilengrad and the Regional Directorate of Forests (RDF) in Kardzhali.

The Saker Falcon Returned as a Nesting Species in Bulgaria

The Saker Falcon returned as a nesting species in the country. The endangered species comes back to Bulgaria for the first time in ten years, informs the press office of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds. They were spotted at the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Center and released in 2015.