Bulgaria's Parliament

Bulgaria MPs Approve Friendship Treaty With Macedonia

Bulgaria's parliament has voted in favour of a historic accord with Macedonia - signed by the prime ministers of Bulgaria and Macedonia in August 2017 - by 186 votes to zero.

The vote in Sofia followed ratification of the treaty by Macedonia's parliament on Monday, despite a boycott of the vote by Macedonia's main opposition VMRO DPMNE party.

Reuters: Bulgaria Parliament Overturns Presidential Veto on Anti-Corruption Law

Bulgaria's parliament on Friday overturned a presidential veto on anti-graft legislation, clearing the way for the creation of a special unit to investigate individuals occupying high public office as well as assets and conflicts of interest, writes Reuters. 

Moscow says Bulgaria's Parliament Recognizes Russian Threat Upon Foreign Instructions

Moscow sees contradictions between a report passed by the Bulgarian parliament, which declares Russia a threat, and the government's intention to boost bilateral relations, Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday, quoted by TASS. 

Bulgaria's Parliament decided to increase the minimum retirement pension


Bulgaria's Parliament decided on 21st of June to increase the minimum retirement pension to 180 BGN (90 Euro) as of 1st of July and to 200 BGN (100 Euro) as of 1st of October 2017.

The decision was adopted unanimously at first reading, with 187 MPs voting in favour. The bill has been submitted by the Council of Ministers.

Balkan Turks Federation To Sue Bulgaria

The Edirne-based Balkan Turks Federation will sue Bulgaria for violating the right of outmigrants to vote in the elections for Bulgaria's Parliament, reported BGNES.

The case will be reviewed by a Bulgarian court first and, if its decision is unsatisfactory, it will be referred to the European Court of Human Right in Strasbourg, stated the chairman of the organisation Nedim Dönmez.