Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

COVID-19: Entry into US Will Require PCR Test

 All passengers who wish to travel to the United States by plane must present a negative coronavirus test result.

This was ordered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, quoted by Reuters and AFP.

The measure enters into force on January 26. The test must be performed no more than three days before departure. It is mandatory for all passengers over 2 years of age.

US to require negative virus test for UK arrivals

U.S. authorities announced on Dec. 24 that passengers arriving on flights from the United Kingdom will need to test negative for coronavirus before departure, the latest restriction imposed due to a new Covid-19 variant.

News of the strain, believed to be more transmissible, led to nations around the world closing their borders to travelers from the U.K.

Hydrogen Peroxide or Oxygen Water – Safe and Effective Disinfectant for Your Home and Office

If not anything else, in recent months we have at least learned different ways of disinfection - for the hands, different surfaces, the entire home. In addition to being efficient, it is understandable that we want them to be as harmless as possible.

Health Tips: How Walking Helps Stay Fit under Stay-at-Home Orders

Most people are under orders to stay at home. Though they are allowed to go out just to exercise, gyms and other facilities where people can work out are closed. That should not discourage people who want to stay or get in shape because, as research has found, walking is often just as beneficial a workout.

COVID-19: US Hits Record Number of Cases and Hospitalisations

Record-high Covid infections and hospitalisations have been reported in the US, with fears they will not slow in the run-up to Christmas.

The number of people in hospital passed 100,000 for the first time, a figure that has doubled since early November.

New cases rose by a record 195,695 on Wednesday, and the daily death toll of 2,733 was close to a new high.