Central Electoral Commission

Bulgaria: Voting Machines are Back for the Runoff Elections on Sunday!

In the upcoming runoffs of mayoral elections on Sunday, Bulgaria is set to (re)introduce the use of voting machines, following the Central Electoral Commission's (CEC) reception of a certification report signed by the Bulgarian Minister of Electronic Management, Alexander Yolovski, along with the heads of the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization and The Institute of Metrology.

Bulgaria: WCC-DB and "Spasi Sofia" will have the Most Members in the New Sofia Municipal Council

In the capital municipal council WCC-DB, "Spasi Sofia" will have 23 municipal councilors, for GERB-SDS the mandates are 14, "BSP for Bulgaria" has 9 mandates.

"Vazrazhdane" will have 8 municipal councilors in the Sofia municipality, three each will be from "There Is Such a People" and local coalition KOD. One will be the municipal councilor from VMRO.

Election Results with 100% Processed Protocols in Bulgaria: Terziev - 31.80%, Grigorova - 21.59% in Sofia

The Central Electoral Commission published the results with 100% of the protocols of the sectional electoral commissions have been processed throughout the country in the municipal electoral commissions in 27 regional cities.

Albanian court upholds detention of ethnic Greek mayor-elect

A Court of Appeal in Tirana extended the pretrial detention of the ethnic Greek mayor-elect of Himare who was arrested over an alleged election crime, state-run broadcaster ERT reported on Thursday.

Fredi Beleri was detained just two days before local elections that were held in southern Albania on May 14 over alleged voter bribery but still won the mayoral race. 

Pro-Russian’s Governorship Win in Moldova’s Gagauzia Upheld

The new governor of the pro-Russian autonomous region of Gagauzia, Evghenia Gutul, publicly thanked her supporters on Tuesday after the Court of Appeal in the region's main city Comrat decided the previous evening to validate the results of the May 14 elections for the position of bashkan (governor).

Moldova Police Storm Central Election Commission in Gagauzia

Officers of Moldova's National Anticorruption Centre, CNA, on Tuesday evening raided the offices of the Central Electoral Commission in Gagauzia, collecting lists of voters for the election of a new governor held in the autonomous southern region.

The CNA said it found names in the lists of some citizens settled outside the country and of some dead people.