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Chinese pick Serbia over Poland to build new factory

According to Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali, this investment is worth about 100 million euros.

As announced, works to build the new plant will start at the end of February or early March.

According to Mali, the new, 55,000-square meter premises will be built by September or October, while the existing and the new plant will employ a total of 2,500 workers.

US case against banker is 'political coup attempt,' says Turkey's Erdogan

Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday condemned a US sanctions-busting case against a Turkish bank executive as a "political coup attempt" and a joint effort by the CIA and FBI to undermine Ankara.

A US jury last week convicted the executive of Turkey's majority state-owned Halkbank of evading Iran sanctions, capping a trial that has strained relations between the NATO allies.

Moscow Accused the Director of the CIA of Lying

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zaharova accused CIA chief Mike Pompeo of ​​lying that Russia for decades intervened in the US elections.

"The strongest evidence that this is false is that over the past decades, US Special Envoy and Officials have never made such a statement or raised such questions to Russia," she wrote in Facebook occasion of a TV interview with Pompeo.

Ex-CIA Officer: Trump May Draw US Into More Conflicts

Donald Trump has unveiled a new National Security Strategy (NSS) that calls for expanding US armed forces to a level of unrivaled power. The US President also vowed to keep a necessary American military presence in the Middle East to protect America and its allies from terrorist attacks and to preserve a favorable regional balance of power.