Central Intelligence Agency

The CIA has Confirmed Russia's Intervention in the Presidential Election

The CIA confirms allegations of Russia's interference in US presidential elections last year. "The conclusions of the intelligence services have not changed," the government said in a message quoted by the agencies.

The statement comes hours after President Donald Trump announced he believed Putin's assurances that Russia had nothing to do with the US election.

Convicted terrorist back in Greek prison after furlough

Dimitris Koufodinas, a convicted gunman for an extreme left-wing group who once was Greeces most-wanted terrorist, has returned to prison following a 48-hour-furlough.

Koufodinas arrived at Korydallos prison an hour and a half ahead of the noon deadline, accompanied by his wife and son, looking relaxed and waving to the press.

CIA suspected Adolf Hitler was alive in Colombia until at least the 1950s after surviving WWII

The US investigated whether Hitler was alive in South America as late as 1955, newly-declassified CIA documents reveal.

The official files show a former SS soldier told spies he regularly met with the Nazi leader in Colombia.

It goes on to suggest that Hitler, who would have been aged 66, worked as a shipping company employee before fleeing to Argentina.

Trump to release last JFK assassination records!

Generations of professional and amateur sleuths have spent decades steeped in the details of the JFK assassination. In coming days, they’ll be able to pore through thousands more files kept classified for 54 years.

On Saturday morning, President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he will authorize release of the remaining documents.

British “White Widow” terrorist Sally Jones “killed in drone strike”

Britain’s most wanted female terrorist Sally Jones, nicknamed the White Widow, has reportedly been killed in a drone strike.

The fugitive jihadi, who was once a punk rock singer, was said to have been killed in June in a US strike close to the border between Syria and Iraq.