Citu Government

USR PLUS to back motion of censure against PM Florin Citu

The Save Romania Union - Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party (USR PLUS) alliance in the ruling coalition says it is withdrawing its political endorsement of Prime Minister Florin Citu, whom it reproaches of "having thrown the country into political crisis." "USR PLUS has not agreed with and will never agree to public money robbery, in any form of government.

AUR leaders: Citu Gov't trying to usher in mandatory vaccination, we invite unions to discussions

The Alliance for the Unity of Romanians (AUR) invites trade unions in the public system to consultations at the Palace of Parliament on grounds that "government officials have stepped up threats and intimidations against public system staff" who do not want to get vaccinated. "The Citu Government has dictatorial moorings and is trying to backhandedly usher in mandatory vaccination.

AUR requests president Iohannis "not to expose Romanians to wave of Afghani refugees"

AUR (Alliance for the Unity of Romanians) is requesting president Iohannis, CSAT (Supreme Council for Country's Defence) and the Government not to expose the Romanian people to the wave of Afghani refugees, who could generate real threats to national security and would affect the country's already low budget. "At this moment, our priority is the Romanian people.

PSD's Serban urging PM Citu, European funds minister to urgently explain PNRR status

Bucharest, July 12 /Agerpres/ - The fierce battle inside the National Liberal Party (PNL) for the position of national chairman brings to light serious truths for Romania, said on Monday Chairman of the Transport and Infrastructure Committee of the Chamber of Deputies Ciprian Serban of the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

Gov't: PM hasn't taken any official steps to withdraw Rosia Montana candidacy file from UNESCO

Prime Minister Florin Citu has not taken any official steps to withdraw the file of Rosia Montana site from registration on the UNESCO heritage list, nor has he submitted any proposal on this topic, the press office of the Government informs on Wednesday.

Living statue of PM Citu unveiled in Victoriei Square during Greenpeace protest

A living statue dressed in golden clothes and depicting Prime Minister Florin Citu was unveiled in Bucharest on Wednesday in Victoriei Square as part of a protest action staged by Greenpeace Romania amidst Romania's governmental coalition discussing how to manage placing the Rosia Montana site on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Ciolacu: Citu Gov't keeps mum on historic agreement to tax multinationals 15 pct!

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party Marcel Ciolacu accuses the government of "keeping mum" on the "historic agreement to tax multinationals 15 percent" and demands the Prime Minister to explain the impact of this measure, especially on foreign capital companies in Romania. "Historic agreement to tax multinationals 15 percent! Yet the Citu Government keeps mum!

Motion of no-confidence, defeated (official)

A motion of no-confidence tabled by the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) and called "Failed Romania: The 'fabulous' record of the Citu government" was defeated on Tuesday at a joint plenary sitting of Parliament. The total number of MPs who voted for the motion was 202, of which 201 voted "for" and one "against".