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Albanians Promised Jobs for Votes, Study Finds

“About 43 per cent of respondents declared they were aware of cases in which votes were promised in return for favours,” IDRA said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Voting ‘to keep their current job’; to 'get a job after the elections’; and ‘in return for money or gifts’, are mentioned as frequent phenomena encountered by more than a third of the respondents,” it added.

Vucic: It would be easier with 10 donors such as Norway

BELGRADE - Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic thanked the Kingdom of Norway on Friday for being one of the greatest donors to flood-hit Serbia.
“Serbia will remember what the Kingdom of Norway has done for its people," Vucic said, adding that Norway has always stood by Serbia and offered its generous help.

Norway among biggest donors to flood-stricken Serbia

Norway among biggest donors to flood-stricken Serbia

BELGRADE -- Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić has thanked the Kingdom of Norway for being one of the largest donors that are helping with the flood relief effort.

He at the same time welcomed the decision of the Scandinavian country to fund 35 projects for the media and civil society.

NGO headquarters planning to monitor use of donor funds

BELGRADE - The Civic Initiatives set up a crisis headquarters entitled 'Udruzeni Gradjani za Srbiju' (Citizens United for Serbia) which will coordinate activities of volunteers and organisations in raising aid for the flood-hit areas, and in the next stage it intends to take part in the repair of the consequences of floods and monitoring of the use of donor funds.

Responsible stance on Ukraine can avert global catastrophe

BELGRADE - The dramatic situation in Ukraine underlines the deep crisis affecting entire Europe, and MPs in European countries must approach this issue in a responsible manner to prevent the catastrophe of the 1914 Great War from repeating, participants of a Russian-Serbian scientific conference have said.

Closer oversight of executive power under public pressure

BELGRADE - Opposition and ruling coalition MPs agree that there is an imbalance between the executive and legislative powers, noting that changes cannot be ensured through good will of the government or parliamentary majority, but only under the pressure of the society, reads one of the conclusions of the survey on MPs' perception of the parliament's oversight role, which was presented on Tuesd