Colectiv Club in Bucharest

President Iohannis lays wreath at Colectiv Club

President Klaus Iohannis laid a wreath on Wednesday morning in front of Colectiv Club, in the memory of the tragedy which occurred four years ago. On this occasion, the head of state lit a candle and kept a moment of silence before the improvised altar in front of the club in the memory of the victims of the fire which took place on 30 October 2015.

President Iohannis lays wreath in memory of Colectiv fire victims

President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday laid a wreath in memory of the victims of the deadly fire that occurred in 2015 at Colectiv Club in Bucharest.

After laying the wreath and lighting a candle, Iohannis kept a moment of silence.

A commemorative march, called the "Guitar March," is scheduled for Tuesday,19:30-20:30hrs, local.