Twitter whistleblower cites security flaws before Congress

Twitter's former security chief told Congress Tuesday there was "at least one agent" from China's intelligence service on Twitter's payroll and that the company knowingly allowed India to add agents to the company roster as well, where they had access to highly sensitive data on users around the world.

On ‘Republic’ Anniversary, Moldova’s Gagauz Look to Moscow, and Chisinau

The Gagauz are a small Christian Turkic minority that lives primarily in southern Moldova and Ukraine's Odessa region. According to the 1989 Soviet census, over 153,000 Gagauz lived in Moldova, concentrated mainly in the cities of Comrat and Ceadîr-Lunga, and with a considerable minority in the nearby regions of Vulcănești, Taraclia, and Basarabeasca.

US dangles threat of sanctions against Turkey over planned delivery of more S-400s

US State Department spokesman Ned Price yesterday warned Turkey of the prospect of sanctions if Ankara goes ahead with receiving a second batch of Russian S-400 missile systems - a move which was announced by Russia's state-run Tass news agency and confirmed by the Turkish defence ministry - which were included in the initial procurement deal, but he did not say if Washington's intends to go fo