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Parliament repeats vote on referendum bill, repeals recommendations to President Iohannis

Parliament on Wednesday repeated a vote on a bill concerning President Klaus Iohannis' request for a national consultative referendum on issues of national concern, eliminating some initial recommendations to the head of state. There were 218 yeas, 11 nays and three abstentions for the new text of the bill.

Parliament passes referendum bill, including recommendation that President Iohannis observe constitution, court rulings

Parliament on Wednesday passed, 263 to 9 and one abstention, a bill on the request of President Klaus Iohannis for holding a national consultative referendum on issues of national interest on May 26 that includes several recommendations to the head of state.

Citizenship initiative 'No Convicts in Public Office' mandatorily amends the Constitution (USR's Barna)

Chairman of Save Romania Union (USR) Dan Barna told on Thursday a press conference in Pitesti that the citizens' initiative 'No Convicts in Public Office' will necessarily lead to the amendment of the Constitution. "This citizens' initiative, supported by USR with all its energy, mandatorily amends the Constitution.

UPDATE/Justice Ministry to resume selection of attorney general after rejecting four bids

The Justice Ministry is to resume the selection procedure for bids to the position of Romania's attorney general, Justice Minister Tudorel Toader confirmed to AGERPRES on Wednesday. The decision was made after the selection board chaired by Toader rejected the four candidates who had filed bids: Augustin Lazar, Marian Drilea, Gabriela Scutea and Daniel Horodniceanu.

Speaker Dragnea: Next week debate on amendments to criminal codes must be resumed in Parliament

The Chamber of Deputies Speaker and Social Democratic Party (PSD, major at rule, ed.n.) leader Liviu Dragnea said that next week the debate on the amendments to the criminal codes must be resumed in Parliament, stressing it is about laws that must be adopted given that they have passed through constitutional control.

SocDem's Dragnea urges gov't to cease endless talk on Criminal Codes, let Parliament complete issue

The government must cease "this endless talk" on the emergency ordinances referring to the Criminal Codes, and Parliament should complete the procedure it has started in this sense, on Friday said the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Liviu Dragnea, the main ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader, adding that Justice Minister Tudorel Toader "cannot go on like this".

PSD not to express views on referendum until finding out question to be consulted upon

The Social Democratic Party (PSD, major at rule, ed.n.) announces that they will not express any views on "the referendum aimed at" by President Klaus Iohannis until the latter issues the question he wishes to address in this poll. "Today Iohannis did not say anything new about the referendum, so there is nothing to say about it.

Romanians continue to trust Army, Church, NATO, EU (INSCOP poll)

The institutions Romanians continue to trust the most are the Army and the Church internally, respectively NATO and the European Union at international level, at the opposite end being the political parties - reveals an INSCOP poll, conducted in March 5 - March 13, on the Konrad Adenauer Foundation demand.

Central bank's Vasilescu: Laws appear without analysis of legitimacy, hence laws that breach laws

Laws appear without an analysis of legitimacy and we wind up with laws that breach laws, and the Constitutional Court declares them unconstitutional, National Bank of Romania (BNR) strategy consultant Adrian Vasilescu said on Wednesday in reference to the laws on credit agreements, leasing operations and financial relations in the banking area.

EC's First Vice-President Timmermans says since publishing of CVM report no progress was recorded

First Vice-President of the European Commission (EC) Frans Timmermans stated on Monday that he didn't see any progress since the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) report was published and he wishes for the experts of the European Commission and the Government representatives to discuss about the points that should be solved.