Constitutional Court of Romania

Official Oprisor: New National Defence Strategy reiterates Romania's committment to rule of law

The new National Defence Strategy for 2020-2024 reiterates Romania's "commitment" to the rule of law, with the document categorizing the corruption phenomenon as a "security risk," said presidential adviser Ion Oprisor - National Security Department, in a statement sent by the Presidential Administration to AGERPRES on Thursday.

USR's Barna proposes consultations among parliamentary parties to establish election date

USR (Save Romania Union) leader Dan Barna on Wednesday said that setting a date for the local elections should be a "technical" decision and proposed "urgent" consultations between parliamentary parties on the issue, in the context in which, according to some sources, the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) ruled as unconstitutional the normative acts regarding the extension of the local elec

CCR says art. 4 provisions of OUG on state of alert are constitutional (official)

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) established on Wednesday that the provisions of article 4 of the Government Emergency Ordinance are constitutional "to the extent to which the actions and measures ordered during the state of alert are not aimed at restricting the exercise of some rights".

JusMin Predoiu:Bill discussed on Monday's Gov't meeting includes measures which can be taken in state of alert

The draft law which is to be approved in Monday's Government meeting includes a series of measures which can be taken during the state of alert regarding the unfolding of some economic-social activities within the public institutions, so that the health and life be protected in a "coordinated and coherent" manner," Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu said on Monday in the beginning of the Gov't me

CCR's Dorneanu: Fundamental rights could not be affected by an emergency ordinance, law is needed

The President of the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR), Valer Dorneanu, told Thursday evening private television broadcaster Antena3, that the fundamental human rights cannot be affected by an emergency ordinance, and that the measures on the restriction of fundamental rights and freedoms to be valid, a law should have been drafted.

Iohannis: I saw yesterday some politicians' satisfaction in seeing CCR ruling on fines; a sign of recklessness

President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and its 'acolytes' are doing all possible for authorities' effort to fail in respect to managing the current crisis. He labeled the CCR view as "surprising" and maintained that, without the sanctions imposed during the state of emergency, there would have been more deaths.

PM Orban: CCR showed it doesn't want justice in retirement system

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said that, through the decision regarding special pensions, the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) showed that "it doesn't want justice to exist in the retirement system." "Through this decision, the Constitutional Court showed that it doesn't want justice to exist in the retirement system, that it seeks to maintain a privileged system of calculating pensions for

PSD's Romascanu says President Iohannis continues to blame PSD instead of considering Romanians' concerns

President Klaus Iohannis continues to blame the Social Democratic Party (PSD), his "forever scapegoat," instead of thinking about the problems facing Romanians and what needs to be done together with the government to revive the economy, PSD spokesman Lucian Romascanu said Tuesday. "Another press statement from President Iohannis ended a few minutes ago.

USR: PNL Gov't prefers not to give OUG to repeal special pensions

The judges of the Constitutional Court are postponing the ruling on the draft law aimed at repealing special pensions, "pushing" the referral for May 6, in the context of the state of emergency, because "the PNL [National Liberal Party] Government prefers not to give an OUG for the elimination of these categories of pensions and is showing no signs that it is considering our proposal to tax 90%