Constitutional Tribunal

Polish Men Question Role as Government Reasserts Patriarchal Notions

The group of 13 men of the Chlopaki group have been getting together regularly since late 2019 in what they call "men's circles", to hang out and talk about what it's like to be a man in contemporary Poland. Along the way, they have created a safe space where they feel accepted and loved, while sharing their deepest emotions and openly manifesting affection with one another.

Polish Women in 51 Cities Protest Against Near-Total Abortion Ban

The publishing of the constitutional court's decision, necessary for it to become law, means abortion will become all but illegal in Poland, given that terminations caused by irreversible damage to the foetus represent about 98 per cent of the abortions conducted legally in the country each year. The ruling's publication had been postponed, reportedly at the behest of the conservative Law and J

Poland’s Government Creates Constitutional Crisis It Will Find Hard to Resolve

Legislative path

Since it took office in 2015, PiS has attempted to tighten the abortion laws several times. Protests have always broken out and proved effective in blocking the reforms from even passing the reading stage in the parliament. However, this time, politicians have taken a legislative path that will be much harder to reverse.

Thousands Protest in Poland over Govt's Constitutional Court Plans

Polish citizens took to the streets of more than 20 cities on Sunday to demonstrate against moves by the recently elected government to reform the country's top court.

Alongside Warsaw, protests were held in Pozna?, Gda?sk, Wroc?aw, Lublin, Kraków, Katowice and Tarnów, and many other places, Radio Poland reports.