Court of Justice

Hefty fines from EU Court in LARCO case

The Court of Justice of the European Union (WEU) weighed in heavily for the LARCO case. According to today's decision, Greece is obliged to pay a lump sum of 5.5 million euros and a fine of more than 4 million euros per half-year of delay, because it did not recover the state aid of 160 million euros granted to the nickel industry.

The history

Democracy Digest: European Court’s Polish Ruling Echoes Over Eastern Europe

The fine is the latest development in an ongoing conflict between Warsaw and Brussels over rule of law, which reached a critical moment earlier this month, when the politically controlled Polish Constitutional Tribunal ruled that some articles in EU Treaties were not compatible with the Polish Constitution.

Warsaw: We will Not Comply with the EU Declaration of the Rule of Law

Polish authorities do not believe that the resolution adopted by the European Parliament (EP) on Thursday, which expresses dissatisfaction with Warsaw's actions, which MEPs say is trying to undermine the rule of European law, is binding. This was announced on Friday on Polish Radio by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Piotr Wawczyk.

Democracy Digest: Poland Accuses EU of ‘Hybrid War’, While Hungary Claims Victory

The conservative daily quotes from a letter sent by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to European Parliament President David Sassoli, in which she dismisses the criticism that the executive has failed to implement the rule-of-law conditionality.