Covid hospital

"The end is in sight"

Stating that in the previous week, the number of patients admitted to that health institution decreased by 30 percent compared to January, she said that in more than 70 percent of cases, hospitalized people were not vaccinated.

"We would be free for the New Year and Christmas"; "They are so narcissoid"

"Perhaps we should consider the introduction of paying for medical services or punishing those who oppose vaccination", medical professionals in the field of epidemiology, virusology and microbiology stated, with an idea to vaccinate majority of population and thus preventing the virus to mutate in new strains.

COVID hospital in Batajnica crowded: "Families lie in the same room"

She adds that they no longer have vacancies in the COVID hospital in Batajnica.
"This morning, we had 20 vacant places on the COVID ward, but two minutes ago I was informed that we no longer have any vacancies. We only have vacancies when we release the patient, in 15 minutes all the places we advertise in the group are filled," the doctor added.

Dr. Kon: The number of infected will grow; quarantine until mid-October

Also, due to the growing number of newly infected even among children, online classes have started in high schools in 40 cities and municipalities in Serbia. A member of the Crisis Staff, Dr Predrag Kon, estimated that the epidemiological situation in Serbia will worsen.

More than 3.600 newly infected

There are 87 people on respirators, and the total number of hospitalized is 1.403.
In the last 24 hours, 16.190 people were tested, and since the outbreak of the epidemic, that number amounts to 5.074.749.
The total number of infected is 773.426, the death toll amounts to 7.339, and the mortality rate is 0.95 percent.

3.524 newly infected

15 people died.
There are currently 79 patients on respirators.
The number of infected people is growing day by day, and the authorities are appealing to the citizens to receive the vaccine because that is the only way to bring the epidemic under control.