Croatian Defence Council

Bosnian Croat War Crimes Defendant Dies Before Verdict

The Bosnian state court told BIRN on Thursday that it had received a death certificate for Ivica Markovic, who passed away at the beginning of July.

"As it has been determined during the criminal proceedings that the defendant died, the court has made a decision to terminate the proceedings against defendant Ivica Markovic," the court said.

Bosnian Croat Ex-Fighter Faces Extradition after Arrest in US

Robert Kovacic, a former member of the Croatian Defence Council wanted for war crimes, was arrested last month in the United States on a warrant issued by Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is now awaiting an extradition hearing in a US court in July.

Kovacic, now 66, was arrested in Roanoke, Virginia on May 16. He is currently in custody in the US and his extradition is pending.

Bosnian Prosecution’s Slowdown on War Indictments Causes Concern

From January to May this year, the Bosnian state prosecution filed just four indictments for war crimes, two fewer than in the same period in 2018.

The apparent slowdown has sparked concerns that this may cause further delays in attempts to deal with the country's enormous backlog of war crimes cases.