Croatian Defence Council

Prisoners ‘Weren’t Beaten’ in Brcko Prison During Bosnian War

A defence witness told the war crime trial of wartime fighter Osman Osmanovic at Belgrade Higher Court on Monday that he was held at the jail where the defendant allegedly assaulted prisoners in the Brcko area of Bosnia and Herzegovina but did not see any prisoners being beaten or tortured while he was there.

Brcko Bridge Blast Deaths Commemorated in Bosnia

This year's commemoration of the April 30 1992 Brcko bridge massacre was organised by the Association of Families of the Missing, Forcibly Taken away and Killed Bosniaks of Brcko District of BiH and the Association of Families of the Missing, Forcibly Taken away and Killed Croats in collaboration with associations for helping victims and survivors of sexual violence and detainees.

Croatian President Defends Bosnian Croat War Crime Convicts

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic on Tuesday defended his decision to receive in his office former Croatian Defence Council, HVO officers, including Tihomir Blaskic, who served a prison sentence for his role in crimes committed during the Bosnian war after being convicted by the UN court in The Hague.

Bosnian Croat Ex-Fighter’s Prisoner Abuse Conviction Upheld

The appeals chamber of the Bosnian state court announced  on Thursday that it has upheld the first-instance verdict sentencing Mile Pazin to one-and-a-half years in prison for the inhumane treatment of a Bosniak civilian in the Stolac area during wartime in July 1993.

The court said it was "dismissing defendant Mile Pazin's appeal as unfounded".

Last Despatches: Italian Reporters Died Shielding Bosnian Child from Blast

On January 28, 1994, reporter Marco Luchetta, cameraman Alessandro 'Sasa' Ota and technician Dario D'Angelo, who all worked for the Italian public broadcaster RAI-TV, were on assignment in the town of Mostar filming a story about children who were growing up amid the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Forgotten Victims: Serbs Targeted in Bosnia-Croatia Border Village Killings

On that same day in Traktorska Street in Sijekovac, a village near the northern Bosnian town of Bosanski Brod, where Milosevic still lives, soldiers and members of paramilitary groups, some of which consisted of locals Croats and Bosniaks, killed his father Luka and two brothers, Zeljko and Dragan, who was 17. Zeljko's body has never been found.