Croatian government

Details emerged from the meeting in Sarajevo

As these words were interpreted by the Sarajevo media, Sattler "actually repeated" the position of the head of the HDZ Bosnia-Herzegovina, Dragan Covic, who last week uttered a similar sentence - "how difficult it will be to organize the elections in 2022 without a new election of the Law" and that this could lead Bosnia-Herzegovina to a political and institutional crisis.

Hungarian energy group MOL buys OMV’s Slovenian service stations

Ljubljana – Hungarian energy group MOL has acquired a network of 120 service stations operated by Austrian energy group OMV in Slovenia, subject to regulatory approval. The purchase consideration for the outright stake in the company OMV Slovenija is EUR 301 million, MOL announced on Tuesday.

Croatian Journalists Union Deplores ‘Intimidating’ Rise in Lawsuits

At least 924 lawsuits against the media and journalists are active in Croatia, in which plaintiffs are demanding almost 78.5 million kunas in total, or some 10 million euros, which marks an increase in the number of lawsuits compared to last year, when the number was 905, the latest annual survey done by the Croatian Journalists' Association, HND, reveals.

Janša: It was Croatia and Italy’s “good will” to invite us to talks

Ljubljana – Prime Minister Janez Janša said during questions time in parliament on Monday that it had been Italy and Croatia’s “good will” to invite Slovenia for talks on their plans to declare their exclusive economic zones in the Adriatic Sea. This invitation came “precisely because of our reputation”, the prime minister told the MPs.

Wartime Killing of Serb Family Commemorated in Croatia

The Anti-Fascist League of Croatia held a memorial event on Monday evening for the three murdered members of the Zec family on Sljeme Hill above Zagreb, where they were killed by Croatian reservist policemen during the war in December 1991 - a crime that remains unpunished.

On the 29th anniversary of their deaths, activists laid flowers and lit candles near the site of the killings.