Croatian Supreme Court

Croatia Upholds Serb Paramilitary’s Wartime Rape Conviction

The Croatian Supreme Court announced on Wednesday that it has confirmed the verdict sentencing Pero Jekic, a former member of a Serb paramilitary unit, to eight years in prison for war crimes against civilians.

Jekic committed the crime in July 1991, when members of Serb paramilitary units entered Hrvatski Cuntic, a village in central Croatia near the town of Petrinja.

Croatian Policemen Acquitted of Massacre of Elderly Serbs

The Croatian Supreme Court has upheld a verdict acquitting former policemen Frano Drljo and Bozo Krajina of committing a war crime by killing six elderly Serb civilians in the village of Grubori near Knin during an 'anti-terrorist' sweep conducted after Croatia's victorious Operation Storm defeated rebel Serb forces in August 1995, Croatian media reported on Wednesday.

Convicted War Criminal Extradited to Croatia from Netherlands

The Croatian Interior Ministry said on Wednesday that a Dutch citizen who was sentenced to 15 years in prison in absentia for war crimes in 1991 has been extradited to Zagreb.

The ministry only gave his initials and year of birth, but local media reported that the man was 53-year-old Milorad Barac.

Croatian Court Approves Albanian Drone Flyer's Extradition

The Croatian Supreme Court announced on Tuesday that Ismail Morina can be extradited to Belgrade, where he is wanted for allegedly flying a drone carrying the flag of a 'Greater Albania' at a Serbia-Albania football match in 2014 - an incident which caused a major row between the two countries.

Croatian court to reconsider extradition of Greater Albania drone operator

Photo: Tanjug

The Croatian Supreme Court has ordered a first-instance court in the town of Dubrovnik to reconsider the decision to extradite Ismail Morina to Serbia.

The decision has been published on the website of the court.

RTS is reporting on Friday that this means the extradition process has been postponed "for an indefinite period of time."

Albanians Oppose Drone Flyer's Extradition to Serbia

Croatian Supreme Court is yet to decide whether notorious drone flyer Ismail Morina will be sent to Serbia, after a court in Dubrovnik backed Belgrade's extradition request on Thursday.

On Saturday, Albanian football fans protested in front of the Prime Minister's office, urging the authorities to intervene in stopping the extradition.

'Nacional' Editor Slates Pukanic Verdict in Belgrade

Berislav Jelinic, editor-in-chief of Nacional and former colleague of Nacional's founder and editor Ivo Pukanic, expressed deep dissatisfaction with a verdict of a Belgrade court on Monday on Pukanic's killing.

The former editor was killed along with a co-worker, Niko Franjic, by a car bomb in Zagreb in October 2008.