Customs Intelligence

About 1 300 000 Pieces of Smuggled Cigarettes Were Seized in July by the Customs Officers of the MP Kapitan Andreevo

In July, customs officers from the Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation and the Southern Maritime Territorial Directorate detained 1,280,000 pieces / 64,000 boxes / duty-free cigarettes, 102 kg of smoking tobacco and 51 kg of hookah tobacco.

Bulgarian Customs Officers Seized 800 Liters of Diesel

Customs Intelligence and Investigation Directorate General seized 7,690 liters of energy products with diesel fuel at three separate inspections in Burgas and Yambol.

During a warehouse inspection in Burgas, customs officers came across two plastic faucets and 114 plastic tubes containing a total of 2090 liters of yellowish liquid with diesel fuel characteristics.

Customs Officers Discovered Undeclared Currency for nearly Half a Million BGN in a Passenger's Backpack

Customs officers from the Directorate-General for Customs Intelligence and Investigation / DG MRR) discovered undeclared 241,000 euros in a passenger's backpack on a bus selected for a thorough customs check.

Over 3,8 kg of Smuggled Gold Products have been Seized on Kapitan Andreevo

3854.24 grams of smuggled gold products have been discovered in a secret bus by customs officers of Directorate General of Customs Intelligence and Investigation. The 24-passenger bus, with Turkish registration, tried to enter the country from Turkey, and arrived at Kapitan Andreevo Customs Post on May 24th, 2019 at about 23:00 PM.

Bulgarian Customs Officers Detained 30,000 kg of Unregistered Hookah Tobacco

A total of 30 000 kg of hookah tobacco had been detained by officers of the General Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation (DG MRR) in the area of ​​Danube Bridge 2 at Vidin and in a warehouse in Sofia without documents under the Excise and Tax Warehouses Act.

Bulgarian Customs Officers Detained over 600,000 Pieces of illegal Cigarettes

Two cases of smuggling of cigarettes revealed customs officials from the General Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation (MRD) in the area of ​​Kulata border checkpoint. They seized 30,950 boxes or 619,000 pieces of illegal cigarettes. Pre-trial proceedings were initiated in the cases under DG RTD under the supervision of Petrich, which have already been finished.